Please find answers to our frequently asked questions below.

What is included in a season contract?

Unlimited plowing from November 15th to April 10th, one time per day.

Do you provide per time plowing?

No, due to the number of our season contracts and returning customers, the time needed to provide for a one time customer takes away from our loyal service to our other customers. We provide unlimited season contracts only.

What time do you begin snow removal?

When the accumulation of the snow reaches 4” to 6”, we will be out and plowing. There is no set schedule on time, depending on where your house is on the route, but we WILL be there. The timing of snow removal varies from day-to-day, but operations begin anywhere between 1:00 A.M. and 5:00 A.M. Due to the variability of winter storms, there is no specific arrival time at your house every day.

Why do you clear driveways in the middle of the night?

Operating in the middle of the night allows us to maneuver through the snowy streets without the added congestion of traffic and people. It allows us to work faster than during the day.

What is your policy on removing berms?

For a number of reasons it is impossible for us to coordinate with or know exactly when and where the county's snow crews are. We will monitor their progress the best we can, and attempt to clear the berms after we have cleared your driveway. However, there are instances when we will not be able to return the same day to clear berms due to heavy snowfall, and the berm will be removed on our next time through the route, most likely within 24 hours.

How close will you get to my garage door?

In most cases, we can safely maneuver within 12” to 18” inches of your garage door, car, stairs and/or entry. Our operator will remove snow from around these areas to the best of his ability, but we don't want to risk damage to your property by attempting to get closer.

What if a car is parked in my driveway?

If you aren't home or unable to move your vehicle, we will clear the snow around it to the best of our ability, again within 12” to 18”. If your car has been moved by our next pass through the route, we will remove the rest of the snow.

What if there is 1–2 feet of snow in my driveway and the county snowplow hasn't come by yet and I want or need to get out?

If there is heavy snow in your driveway and the county has not come by, that means there is heavy snow in the driveway. Take in to consideration that it may not be safe to operate your vehicle on the road.

We advise you to proceed only if you can do so safely. Be aware of how well your vehicle operates in the snow, and know that under some conditions it is best to just stay in your home until the county clears the road and we come to clear your driveway. Towing costs are expensive.